Cold Weather and Long Showers-Why it’s a Good Thing

We all know that person notorious for taking extremely long showers. To me, it seems silly to spend an hour of the day standing under running water; it’s wasteful in a list of ways. Coming off of that, I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time in the shower. I get in and out. However, in the presence of these bitter cold days we’ve been having, there’s something about the comforting feeling of complete warmth that surrenders me to become a shower-stander. I have been far from stingy with my past few showers, to say the least. It takes a lot of self-convincing to cut off the shower of heated protection, and step out into the cold.

So, my point in all of this- long showers are wasteful, but they are far too attractive to resist this time of year. So, while the water bill may go up a few dollars, there are other ways to save. One big reason the warm showers are nice is because we rarely turn the heat on. Yes, it is pretty cold, but there’s also something comforting about throwing on sweaters and sweatpants and curling up in a blanket (just have to be real tough through in between period of getting out of shower and getting dressed).

One last saving tip. Brush your teeth and shave in the shower! Since there is already a commitment to taking an overly long shower, why not use that time to do other things that use water? Save a few minutes of running sink water by getting it done in the shower, and what better way of doing this than using a fog-free shower mirror? It’s a win-win. So, when the holiday season rolls around, think about all the shower-standers you know. Help them save (some) water and encourage them to be as productive as possible during their elongated showers.

Plus, doing it naked is more fun. Can’t argue with it until you try. So remember, shave naked, shave well, and get your shower on.


Legs as Soft as a Babies Bottom

It’s that time of the week again. Yup, it’s time to put aside an extra seven minutes of the day so you can shave those legs. So what makes a nice smooth shave? I think it typically requires 3 products. The first is obviously a razor, second’s shaving cream, and then lotion to finish em off.

The other day I was at my girlfriends house and I asked her what the baby oil in her shower was for. Could you guess? She uses it to shave her legs with!
I decided to give it a go, and my legs were SO smooth after. I didn’t even have to put lotion on! Not only were they smooth as silk, but they looked really nice too. They were shiny and glowing. So, I figured I’d switch to baby oil! It’s cheaper than buying shaving cream and lotions, plus you’ll have the sexiest legs out there!