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Fog Free Shaving Mirror Review & Giveaway

“The Fog Free Mirror from ShaveWell is a great present, which will be both useful and handy. The fog free mirror is great to bring along on trips this summer, because whether you are camping or staying at a hotel, a good mirror is a big help.The Fog Free Shaving Mirror is especially practical, because of its size. It can easily be stuffed into a backpack, a make up bag or an overnight bag.We tested it out in our shower, and sure enough while the camera lens and our regular mirror fogged up, the Fog Free Shaving Mirror became immediately fog free, once it was held under the warm shower for a few minutes.The price is another great feature of the Fog Free Shaving Mirror, as it retails for about $9.99.”

When Its Only Make Believe

“Have you ever got in the shower, or even just in the bathroom, and could not see in the mirror for them being fogged up? Well, Shave Well has took that frustration out for you, and on top of that, they are unbreakable, no more 7 yrs of bad luck! I hate to break a mirror, don’t you?
Men can shave alot easier in the shower due to the heat absorbed and making for a closer shave,Shaving in the shower is better for your face AND gives you a closer, more comfortable shave! No more hairs to clean up on the sink, or those little soap spots I hate on the mirrors. Us women can make sure we have all that makeup off our eyes BRFORE we get out of the shower.

Kostiuk Crew: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“Our Opinion: I am not sure who likes this more me or the hubs! I love it because I no longer have to clean up all of the hairs left from cleaning at the sink, which can take awhile I mean those hairs stick to everything. The hubs loves it because he said he gets a better and closer shave being able to see exactly what he is doing. He also loves to shave more now. So you know what makes the momma happy makes everyone happy. ”

Fogless mirror by shavewell company | Blessed Elements

“This would be a great gift to purchase for a Christmas stocking gift and believe me after using this product it will  be one  of the favorite and most used gifts received.”

Made.By.Jess: Shavewell Mirror Review

“I hate when I take a shower and get out and have makeup running down my face because of the mascara. I usually go right to the mirror after getting out of the shower. No need for that anymore. The Shavewell mirror is easy to install. It comes with a handy little hook that attaches to the wall of your shower.

Shave Well Fogless Shower Mirror | The Jolly Blogger

“How many times have you wished you had a fog-less mirror in the shower or shortly thereafter? I find that the only way I can minimize my pores and keep the blackheads at bay is to use a blackhead-whitehead skin extraction tool. The steamy shower is the perfect place to do that, except I can’t see what I’m doing, so I’m stuck with the inconvenience of wiping foggy mirrors with a towel. Well, that USED to be a problem. Not anymore.”

The Shave Well Fog Free Mirror Review | 7 on a Shoestring

“Since the moisture and steam soften the hairs and make them easier to cut, the result is often a much closer, smoother shave. For me, that makes it all worth it! I prefer a smooth shaved face and my husband likes being able to shave in the shower. With the Shave Well fog less mirror it was a win-win for both of us.”

Reviews – Jumpin Beans

“If you think about it, it really is a great idea. The steam/water allows the hair to lose its strength, making it easier to get closer to the surface. The steam/water opens the pores up. Finally, less mess! I know when Marc shaves, he dirties up the sink… This way, it will wash down the drain as he shaves.”

The Shave Well Mirror Review

“I hate having raccoon eyes. You know, the “I just took a shower but I didn’t get all my makeup off” eyes. When I got the Shave Well I stopped having raccoon eyes! My husband was also happy because he was finallyable to start shaving in the warm shower. He doesn’t care for shaving much anyway, but when he does, he wants to get the smoothest shave possible. When he started using the Shave Well in the shower, he was able to have his face nice and warm, and get that shave he wanted!”

Evan and Lauren’s Cool Blog: 12/22/11: Shower Shave Mirror that is Fog Free

“What a great idea!  It is best for guys to shave their face in the shower, but how could they see to do it?  Here is a simple solution. ”

Holiday Gift Guide: Shower Shave Mirror that is Fog Free

“Many times the hard part of getting a man to shave in the shower is the lack of a quality mirror (ie: one that doesn’t fog up on them). That’s where The Shave Well Company Fogless Shower Mirror comes in and will become your newest must have product. Now you can have your man shave in the shower instead of at the sink. This means less 5 o’clock shadow on your counters as he won’t be leaving those tiny nuisance hairs everywhere. ”

Reviews – MAMA NYC

“I recently received a fogless mirror from the Shave Well Company and my husband has never been happier. The fog free shower mirror makes things a lot easier for my husband while he is shaving in the shower – and surprisingly, I am actually benefitting from the mirror as well! How? Well, I no longer have to clean up small pieces of hair all over our bathroom sink countertop. My husband can shave INSIDE of the shower and everyone is now happier!”

Christina’s Voice Review:

“The ShaveWell mirror was really easy to install all you do is attach this stick back hook to where ever you like in the shower, and then the mirror has a hole on the top and you just hook it in there, and it hangs perfectly. Note: to get a perfect truly fog free reflection, just warm the mirror up underneath the hot water.  I also learned that toothpaste works best on removing water spots.”

Reviews – Guys Gab

“Shaving in the shower is the most comfortable place for a man to shave. The moisture and steam greatly soften your beard and make it much easier to cut, resulting in a closer more comfortable shave. When you get out of the shower and towel dry, your face quickly loses the benefit of all the moisture from the hot steamy shower. Once your whiskers have started drying, you can be literally tugging on each and every hair on your face instead of neatly slicing it at the skin’s surface and moving on without irritating your skin.”

The Luxe List: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“This fog-free shower mirror by The Shave Well Company is a great beauty solution for ladies for makeup removal as well as exfoliating and product application. It also offers a warm relaxing place for eyebrow shaping and precision shaving. The mirror is also helpful for men who shave in the shower get a closer, smoother, and more comfortable shave every time.”

Rambles of a SAHM: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“What I did not realize was how this little mirror was going to solve a marriage argument. You see hubby likes to shave at the bathroom mirror and then that leaves little whiskers EVERYWHERE! Well now I no longer have to pick little hairs out of my hairbrush because he now shaves in the shower. I am happy and hubby is happy! One other thing to note is that this mirror is lightweight and not easily broken.”

Inspired by Savannah: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“This is the perfect gift for men.  I don’t know how many times my husband hogs the bathroom, after showing, as he has to quickly hop out of the shower and wipe down the steamed up bathroom room, to shave.  He says that if he shaved right after showering, that he can achieve a close, soft shave. But, if he waits and his skins drys, he usually nicks himself, as well as can’t get a close shave that lasts for a couple of days.  If only he had a mirror to use in the shower.  Then, he wouldn’t need the extra time after his shower to wipe down the mirror and proceed with shaving.  Thanks to ShaveWell’s Fog Free Shaving Mirror, he can now shave his face in the shower.”

Picking Up the Pennies: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“This mirror does everything it promises to do! It is very convenient to have a mirror you can actually use in the shower!”

The Ladies Louge: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“While I cannot say that I shave my face in shower, but I do always wash my face in the shower though. I did not know this before, but there is actually is such a thing as a fog less mirror!  This mirror has made my shower routine so much easier.”

Crichman Freebies: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“It was easy to hang up in the shower, and it works wonders. It makes it easy for my husband to shave in the shower because it literally does not fog up at all. All you need to do is run it under the water and it won’t fog up while you are in the shower. It did not fall once since being hung up. It is a high quality product, and I am pleased with it. This makes the perfect gift for that man in your life too!”

Sweeps 4 Bloggers: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“The Shave Well Fog Free Shaving Mirror is easy to use. You just hold it under the shower for a few seconds. This heats it up so the mirror and the water are the same temperature. Then the mirror doesn’t fog up.”

Coupons and Freebies: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“So, in my opinion…the Fog Free Shaving Mirror is a wonderful product. My husband loves it and uses it each time he shaves. It has really helped to eliminate the time it takes to finish up his shaving when he gets out of the [bath] too. I would definitely recommend this product…and so would my husband!”

Texas Kitchen: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“This is a great product idea. Hubby says shaving his face in the shower is the best way to get super soft and smooth skin. I like that idea. Hubby also says he has not been able to shave in the shower for years for the lack of a shaving mirror. [He doesn’t] want to nick that sexy face of his. With the Shave Well Fog Free Shower mirror I get to enjoy his amazingly close shave. Apparently having the hair follicles wet makes them easier to shave. I love that this mirror comes with its own adhesive hook for easy hanging.”

Queens NYC Mom: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“My husband used to complain to me that he needed to buy another mirror to shave.  After a couple of uses, the [old] mirror would fog up and the suction would release and fall down.  It would also get scratch marks making it difficult to see after multiple uses. I got the chance to review the Fog Free Mirror from the ShaveWell Company a couple of weeks ago.  My hubby likes it very much.  The directions are easy to follow to set it up in your home. Simply peel and stick. That’s it.  Just make sure when you stick it the wall is dry.”

Simple Mom Reviews: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a mirror in my shower. The mirrors outside the shower fog up, so I never considered putting a mirror INSIDE the shower. When I heard about the Shave Well Truly Fog Free Shower Mirror, I definitely wanted to put it to the test.”

Mom of 3 Boys: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“The Shave Well Fog Free Mirror would be a great Valentines gift for your man, your dad…well any man in your life that you give V-Day gifts to!  What better gift than the gift of a good shave!  Put it into a little goody basket with a razor and shaving cream.”

Sweep Tight: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“The fog free hanging shaving mirror from ShaveWell is designed to hang in the shower or bathroom and as stated, provide a “fog free” reflective surface while trimming or shaving your beard. It sells on their website for $9.99, very reasonable price in my opinion. Jumping right in, my overall impression on first use is “it works!”

Grandmas Guide To Life: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“But does [Shave Well] work? Oh, yes, it works! My husband was quite amazed by this! He actually mentioned it a couple of times. Whenever he likes something he mentions it repeatedly until I yell that I have the review up.”

“I have been using the Shave Well Company Fog Free Mirror for a week now and truly enjoy it. It works just like it states. When I start my shower, I place the mirror under the shower stream to warm it up, then hang it back up and I can use it. I have used it to trim my eyebrows and love it. It is so much easier to shape my eyebrows in the shower than outside of it because the steam makes it much easier to work with and it doesn’t hurt as much. My husband has now taken to shaving in the shower and has been bragging about how smooth his shave is .”

“However, there are lots of great ways women can take advantage of this fog free shower mirror! Every week, I like to exfoliate my face and it is so much easier to do this in the shower than over a sink. The warm steam opens my pores better than standing bent over a hot sink full of water. When I rinse my face off, all that crumbly facial stuff goes right down the drain and I’m not cleaning up splashes of water from my counter and vanity mirror.”

“It is very beneficial to shave in the shower. Women know this, we’ve been doing it for decades. The problem for men is: it is so hard to find a fog-free shaving mirror for the shower. What makes The ShaveWell Company Truly Fog Free Shower Shave Mirror different is it uses an adhesive hook rather than a suction cup to attach to your shower wall, you can easily remove it from its hook for cleaning, and it truly is a fog-free mirror after holding it in the shower stream for only 2-3 seconds.”

Cummins Life: Shave Well Review 

“Okay and a super cool fact that I have to include.  ‘The Shave Well mirror is packaged and warehoused at Sunshine Industries in TN.  Sunshine Industries provides long-term sheltered employment to individuals with developmental disabilities.  Employees are paid on a piece rate or hourly basis while they learn job skills and develop good working habits, with an emphasis placed on production and quality control.  Individuals develop self-confidence, independence and a sense of accomplishment.’  Love this!”

50+ Single BBW: Shave Well Review 

“I love how the adhesive hook adheres to any shower surface holding the Shave Well Company fog free shower shaving mirror solidly in place. Since it is removable it also makes for easy cleaning so you have a clean mirror every time. This product retails for $9.99.  What a fabulous price!  At this price why not buy one for a friend or two.”

“When you are hanging your mirror in your shower make sure to hang it away from the shower curtain a bit.  The draft that can squeeze in around the side of the curtain can cause a little bit of fogging.  We did make that mistake.  After moving the mirror it has worked just fine and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  The mirror is small enough not to take up a huge amount of room, yet big enough to use for anything you might need it for.”

My Saving Game: The Shave Well fog‐free shower mirror Review

“For women, [the Shave Well] is great for a few [reasons]! While in the shower you can wash and exfoliate your face.  Why do it in the shower instead of the sink? After 2-3 minutes in the shower, where the warm moist air really softens your skin and opens your pores, exfoliating becomes most effective and causes less irritation…”

WAHM Connect: Shave Well Review

“We have tested this product and can honestly say it does work and is fog free. We haven’t had it fog up one time for us. It makes shaving so much easier on my hubby. This would make a great gift for Father’s Day!!”

Savings In Seconds: Shave Well Review

“I recently had the opportunity to review two items that would make a fun Father’s Day gift.  The first one is a Fogless Shaving Mirror from The Shave Well Company.  I immediately liked this because I have always wanted my husband to shave in the shower.  Not only would it make the shave more comfortable for him, but it would also keep my sink cleaner.   The mirror is truly fog-free.  You just hold it under warm water for a few seconds and it’s completely fog free.   My daughter even uses this to make sure she rinses all the shampoo out of her hair.”

Jenni-Reviews: Shave Well Review

“I can’t speak for men, but I can speak for me, when I say this mirror is awesome!! It’s perfect for when I’m shaving under my arms, instead of contorting your neck and head into weird angles just to see if you got all of it! All that contorting is a pain in the neck! I love how well is stays fogless in the shower, when they say it’s truly a fog-free mirror, they are telling the truth! I would recommend this for every household!”

The Frugal Fairy: Shave Well Review

“From the man: Now I can shave in the shower! The heat from the shower gives me a closer shave. It’s very convenient and saves time. From the woman: It’s great that you can apply your exfoliator and masks in the shower…and see what you are doing! The steam opens your pores so the product penetrates your skin more. It saves time…especially for moms who have very few precious moments to care for yourself!  Instead of doing your shower routine and skin-care routine, you can do both in the shower!”

Our Kids Mom: Shave Well Review

“We got this mirror to review & it has been so helpful!  It states that it is a shaving mirror & while my husband does occasionally use it for shaving, we really use this mirror for our daughter. Our 9 year old has been washing her own hair, but has a difficult time getting the shampoo in all the right places & then rinsing well.  She has always had really long hair & it’s difficult to maintain.  She’s learning, but it’s quite the process!  We’ve tried hanging a regular mirror in the shower, but it fogs up so bad that she can’t see what she’s doing.”

Outnumbered 3-1: Shave Well Review

“Okay, I don’t shave my face in the shower, but my hubby uses an electric razor and there is no converting him so I got to put this nifty mirror in my shower. Which is actually really great for exfoliating, applying masks, and plucking stray hairs. I use it way more than I thought I would and it really is fog-free, as it claims. The hook stays firmly in place and shows no sign of slipping. It cleans easily (they recommend toothpaste and it seems to work great). It’s pretty thick and the website says they’ve dropped a bunch of them and never broke one, but I wasn’t willing to test that out. I think this would make a great Father’s Day gift.”

Wahm Connect Reviews: Shave Well Review

“This is a must have for all of the men. Most men prefer to shave in the shower and this product makes it so much easier to do so. I placed it in our shower and my husband loved it.”

Landmark Report: Shave Well Review

“The Shave Well Company recently commissioned an independent consumer survey on male shaving habits. 50% of respondents indicated that they shave in the shower. Dermatologists recommend it because of the benefit to one’s skin. And, let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to clean up  by looking up to the shower head rather than doing it over the sink. I must confess, my recent transition to shower shaving was more out of laziness than the dermatological benefits. The only thing I dislike more than shaving is facial hair itself. However, shaving blind is not an easy feat, and most “Fog-free mirrors” are neither fog free, nor practical.”

Davis Daily Dose: Shave Well Review

“’I’ve had my Shave Well Fog Free Shower Mirror for about a week now and I love it, hubby loves it, and my teenage son loves it.  The only problem is we only have one but use two showers so we will be ordering a second for my teenage son here shortly.  To find out how to order yours just head on over to The Shave Well Company today.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter or read their blog to stay up to date on special offers.”

Staying-Me: Shave Well Review

“What I have noticed is that when you have the water at a billion degrees really hot, like I do, you have to keep running the mirror under the water every once in a while. Not a problem, in my opinion, but something I wanted to mention. I love that it sticks on the wall, I get plenty of use out of it that way too, since I can make sure I washed all of my makeup off without scaring myself with raccoon eyes when I get out.”

40Plus Single BBW: Shave Well Review

“I love how the adhesive hook adheres to any shower surface holding the Shave Well Company fog free shower shaving mirror solidly in place. Since it is removable it also makes for easy cleaning so you have a clean mirror every time. This product retails for $9.99.  What a fabulous price!  At this price why not buy one for a friend or two.”

Jennifers-Deals: Shave Well Review

“The very first thing that my hubby and I liked about this fog-free mirror was that it uses an adhesive hook to attach to your shower wall so I can easily take remove it from its hook to clean it!  It is truly a fog-free mirror after holding it in the shower stream for about 2-3 seconds. I find myself using it more than my husband. I use to hate washing my face in the shower because I would accidently get soap in my eyes and have to quickly find a towel to wipe my eyes. Now I can just look in the Fog-Free Shaving Mirror and actually see where I am putting the soap with no problems. This mirror is also great for applying masks  or plucking those random hairs! (Any woman knows what I talking about!

Free Samples Reviews: Shave Well Review

“This [is a] nifty mirror for men to use while shaving the face in the mirror, [but it] works for woman too [that] use acne products or shaving those hairs on the face, or just popping a pimple. This is really small which I like compared to those huge ones. Small is better. [The mirror mounts]… to a hook. Depending on your walls in your shower which way is easier. I used the kind shown in the image. Suction doesn’t work great for ours. Then bam [it’s] fog free. I love Hot, Hot showers. It did just great in my shower. [The mirror] never got fogged once.”

The Ladies Lounge Blog: Shave Well Review

“The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Shower Shave Mirror was created for men to get a close and smooth shave. But that does not mean ladies cannot use it also. I use it for washing my face and making sure I do not have any mascara left under my eyes. This product is one that after you try it, you realize you have been missing out. I really liked this product and think it is wonderful. When The Shave Well Company says their mirror is fogless, they mean it!”

Grammy 2 Kaiden: Shave Well Review

“My husband was so excited when I received the chance to review the Shave Well shower mirror because his current fog free mirror fogs up. As soon as it hit my door, my husband took off with it. He immediately installed it in the shower, took a shower, then came out to complain that it fogged up. When I asked him if he held the mirror under the water for a few seconds, he asked me why. And they wonder why we make fun of them. The 2nd time my husband went to use the mirror, he held it under the water for a few seconds and could not stop talking about how it didn’t fog up.”

Detroit Mom and Reviews: Shave Well Review

“Shave-well fog-free 2-n-1 shower mirror is the number one selling mirror on I received one for review. It’s the perfect size for our tiny shower. It really lives up to its name in my opinion. It never fogged up despite my Hot Showers. The hubs and my oldest “D” loved to be able to shave in the shower, I was glad all the stray hairs went down the shower drain. It’s the perfect size for me to shave my “pits” and not leave strays. My younger kids used it to assist them in cleaning their ears, a task always conveniently forgotten during showers. So, you see it’s the perfect “family” shower mirror. It has multiple uses for the entire family.”

Dad of Divas: Shave Well Review

“I have to agree that shaving without first taking a shower or softening up your face can be unbearable (in the fact that it can hurt). While I had never shaved in the shower before, I was game, especially as I read more about how much easier shaving can be in the shower. In trying out this mirror I was impressed to find that it did not fog up as many mirrors would in the heat of the shower, and with the way that you can hang it, you can get it to just the right angle to get a good look at your face as well.  The product worked well and I was quite impressed and I think you will be as well!”

Lil’ Burgers: Shave Well Review

“Greg has to say…”It’s very liberating to finally be able to just shave while I am showering. No muss and fuss of having to jump out of the shower and stand dripping on a towel, cleaning off the bathroom mirror, just to shave. Works like advertised!” And me? I love the safety feeling of it! The mirror is lightweight and not what you’d expect from a mirror–it feels made of plastic, so there’s no worry of it falling and shattering to a million pieces in the tub. All in all, we both enjoy the Shave Well Fog Free mirror.”

Me Him and the Cats: Shave Well Review

“Tony and I recently received a Shave Well Fog Free Shower Mirror to try out and we love it! Just a few seconds of holding it in the stream of water really does keep it fog free the whole time you are in the shower.  I even used it to make sure I got all the hair dye off my ears and forehead when I was rinsing the hair dye off!  I have also heard that women love using this mirror to exfoliate their faces while in the shower!”

Mommy and Me Giveaways: Shave Well Review

“My husband loves his mirror.  When he gets in the shower he holds the mirror under the water to let it acclimate to the temperature.  Then he hangs it back up on our little hook and he is able to completely shave.  Since he got his Shave Well mirror, he has been able to shave daily in the shower, he has eliminated his razor burn and never nicks himself anymore.  I have found myself using his mirror too.  On the days when I wear makeup, I use his mirror to make sure I get it all removed before getting out of the shower.”

NYA Product Reviewer: Shave Well Review

“Not all Fog-free shower mirrors are created equal; apparently there are quite a few lemons.  The originator of Shave Well recognized there needed to be a solid solution to the many foibles associated with the typical fog-free mirror.   The result was a product that delivers a fog free, quality reflection without the fuss or muss. I noticed the Shave Well is rated highly on Amazon; men everywhere appear to be singing its praises. Men, you may want to start shaving in the shower!”

Evoluchuns: Shave Well Review

“I have tried many fog free mirrors before now all I have done what they promised but were a headache to use. You either had to put the mirror up in the shower and it stuck out a little off the wall so a bit bulky or they want to add water near the mirror to prevent the fog up. Now again like I said it’s not that any are bad but I loved the fact that this came in a small box and its one single mirror no slots for water, and it’s pretty flat as a small mirror would be so it lays flat against the wall. The adhesive holds well to the bathroom wall very well and doesn’t slide. I love that even right next to the water that it fogs for a slight second then adjust to the waters temperature and it becomes fog free.”

Two Cutepeas in a Pod: Shave Well Review

“My son-in-law likes to shave in the shower but seemed to always miss spots so he and I were so excited to receive a Shave Well Mirror to review. He absolutly loves the mirror and now no more missed hairs.”

Single Mom Inspiration: Shave Well Review

“My Boyfriend tried this product out in the shower and absolutely fell in love with the anti-fog mirror. It made his shaving a lot easier and better as he wasn’t constantly going back from water and shave like he would if he were doing it in the sink. He was happy with the quality of the product and would highly recommend to guys that have to shave. He was able to do all things in one and he thought it was more efficient to shave in the shower vs. having the shower and then shave or vice versa!”

Coupons in Motion: Shave Well Review

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…who is the most youthful of them all?  A shower mirror is the beauty solution for makeup removal and exfoliating, great for making sure those under-arms are cleanly shaven (ending the embarrassment of stray stubble) and is perfect for your daily positive affirmations (I am beautiful…I have exfoliated to keep my youthful looks and those pesky lines at bay…I have removed all of my makeup before I got out of the shower so not to scare my husband out of the bathroom…).”

Living Hannah Style: Shave Well Review

“Let me just say, my brother and father were especially stoked about getting this product. They said they always wished they could do their shaving in the shower where the water is hot, and thanks to this fancy Shave Well Fog Free Shower Mirror, they can! They said that shaving in the shower makes it SO much easier to shave; the razor just glides smoothly over your skin because there isn’t as much resistance in wet hair, than dry hair. They could definitely tell that shaving in the shower left them with a closer shave than they normally would out of the shower, and they had less irritation on their skin.”

Amazon Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Works as advertised!, December 7, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

I purchased two of these fog free mirrors for shaving in the shower. I followed instructions to hang the mirror then held the mirror under the hot water. After doing so I hung it back up on the hook and voila! Fog free! The science behind why this mirror works is very simple and described in another review. I will just say that it plain works. Just make sure you hold it under the hot water to bring the temperature of the mirror up. I hold it so the shower rains down on both sides for about 30 seconds each.

I had the mirror up for a week and then my cleaning people yanked it off while scrubbing the shower. I should have told them not to touch it. Anyway the company contacted me and is going to send a replacement hook out. First class customer service.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive fog free mirror that just works. Simple and smart design.

5.0 out of 5 stars It works! Not just for shaving!, January 22, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.
The Shave Well mirror really works! I color my hair and when I return from the hair dresser I need to remove the color stain around my hair line. The easiest way to do it is in the hot shower. Before this little handy mirror I would just scrub blindly, now I can see where the scrubbing is needed so the job gets done much faster.I am attaching a collage of 4 photos under customer images that I will be referencing in this review.1. Photo #1: The mirror comes with a hook that you attached to the shower wall with a double sticky tape. I have a single piece shower stall to which it adhered very well. I have had the mirror in the shower for a week and it still solidly on. The mirror is very light so it does not put a lot of stress on the hook. I find the hook to be a more reliable mechanism than a suction cup, as those occasionally do come off. And I like that I can take the mirror off very easily.
2. Photo #2: The mirror comes with a protective film over the glass. The film is white and you cannot see through it. Once you remove it the mirror is very clear and the reflection is high quality.
The mirror is sized 6″ by 4″ and the glass has no magnification.
3. Photo #3: The mirror is very light, it weighs only 1.7 ounces
4. Photo #4: The back of the mirror is covered with thin thermal coating.Fog forms on mirrors because of condensation. The water in shower is warmer than the air in the house, it warms the air in the bathroom and condensates on any cool surfaces such as mirrors. If you hold this thin mirror under water for 10 seconds to warm it up condensation does not form on the glass until the mirror cools off. I measured that it stayed fog free for about 13 minutes, then a quick dip into the hot shower and it was fog free again.The best place to position the mirror is away from drafts that will quicken its cooling, and away from direct shower spray to minimize water spots.Overall I am very pleased with the mirror and recommend it.
5.0 out of 5 stars Simple, straightforward, not frills, and perfect, December 4, 2011
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This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.
I like to shave in the shower. I have a thick beard and sensitive skin, and shaving in the shower is the only way I can get a good shave and not slice my face to ribbons. So I’ve gone through many a shower mirror. We have smooth tile, but suction-cupmirrors used to fall off once a month or so, and as suction cups have been down-gauged over the years this has accelerated to once a week.This box contains the obvious (yet uncommon) solution: a plain old adhesive hook. Install it, and it never falls off. Perfect. Not that you’d worry, the very simple acrylic mirror weighs next-to-nothing. it’s just a rounded rectangle of acrylic, mirrored on one side, with a simple hole in it. Simple and perfect.Just hold it under the water a moment and enjoy a worry-free shave. This practice also slows the appearance of water spots, which lead to the demise of many a shower mirror.
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Happy With It, June 3, 2011
By Gil
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

My first impression was that it seemed small.
I recently started shaving my head due to being follically challenged with age and I wanted to shave in the shower as that provides the best results. So this is my first shower mirror in years. It’s light weight, I believe it’s acrylic with a rubberry backside for a good grip even when wet. It appears to be good quaity & I saw no distortions. I also like the hook, which allows for easy placement where you want and with more hooks (you can buy at any hardware store) you can hang easily in diferent locals for different sized users.
Now to the functionality – I started the shower and upon entering heated the mirror up to check it’s fog free claim. I then soaked in the hot water myself for about 20 minutes to relax before shaving. the mirror is off to the side so that I don’t have to stand under the stream and shave, allowing me to lather up. Sure enough it had fogged up, but I had increased water temp & it hadn’t been under the stream in that time. No problem as I grabbed it easily with wet soapy hands and held it in the stream for a few seconds and it was good for the entire shave. The few drops on the mirror afterwords were not a distraction from shaving.
As to my first impression, I was wrong, the size fits in your hand easily & I didn’t have to touch at all while shaving my whole head, I do keep a light beard so I need the mirror for the trim detail and it worked perfect for that as well.

5.0 out of 5 stars Works Perfectly, September 8, 2011
By Joshua R. Hayden (Warrenton, VA USA) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

The mirror works perfectly and exactly as described. Best mirror for the shower to shave that I have ever used!

5.0 out of 5 stars Foggy No More!, September 7, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

I have had many so called “Fog Free” mirrors over the years and they all seem to not last very long and some are quite expensive.This little fog free mirror is great! Not only is it fog free after running under the shower for a second, but it hangs easily on the shower wall with it’s own hook.This mirror is by far the best mirror I have ever had and the price is right too! I highly recommend it!!

5.0 out of 5 starsSmaller than one would expect, but does its job well., September 7, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

This little mirror works very well and works exactly as the manufacturer describes. Because this mirror hangs from a hook (rather than a suction cup), it never falls or slides down the shower wall. If for some reason the included sticky hook doesn’t work on a shower surface, I imagine that one could use another kind of hook purchased from a local hardware store (this was not an issue I faced–the included hook stuck and is still sticking well to a fiberglass shower insert). The mirror may be a bit smaller than one would expect by looking at the product page, but it reflects clearly and shows all that anyone would need to shave their face. A quick rinse of the mirror on both sides with warm or hot shower water gets rid of fogging, making this a convenient, lightweight mirror that is perfect for daily shaving.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, September 7, 2011
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

I bought this for my husband and he loves it. The hook is really great and hasn’t fallen off the wall once. While the mirror is small (4×6), he says it’s perfect. My husband is extremely picky and usually only likes/wants the best thing on the market. He is super happy with this product. Honestly, for the money, I don’t think I could’ve done better.

5.0 out of 5 stars Finally!, June 3, 2011
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.
A fog free shower mirror that actually works! Granted, it will only stay fog free for 2-3 minutes before you have to hold it under the water for a few seconds again, but still… I only have to “re-de-fog” it once during my shave. It’s quite durable, as well. It’s not glass, but rather some kind of plastic. If you have a poorly lit shower, like me, I suggest getting one of those little waterproof, battery-operated tap lights, like this one and putting on the shower wall directly under your mirror. Just make sure you check the dimensions of this mirror before you order and that you are satisfied with the size. I do think it could have been a bit larger, but I am still extremely pleased with it. So…

Durable, Lightweight, Easy to Install, Easy to Clean, Actually Works, Affordable

A Tad Small

5.0 out of 5 stars Great value and product. Fantastic service!, May 30, 2011
This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

I purchased this mirror on a fluke. I’ve been searching for an inexpensive, durable shower mirror for shaving for years. The Shave Well mirror came up during another search and I immediatley added it to my Amazon order. The mirror arrived a couple days later. It’s simple to set up and is durable and small enough to use for travel.

I had one small problem with the mirror in that there was no indication that there was a plastic, protective film over the reflecting surface and I couldn’t feel one there when I checked. An email to Shave Well resulted in an unexpected but very welcome response in a remarkably short period of time. I received my response during the holiday evening, from Mr. Bill Vogel, who I believe is the company owner. He very tactfully asked me about removing the plastic coating (without making me feel like an idiot) and offered to send me a free mirror for my trouble.

Too bad Shave Well doesn’t make more stuff!

The mirror is great and and is everything they advertise. I’m buying more of them for family and friends!…

5.0 out of 5 stars A fogless mirror – nice to shave with
, July 30, 2011
By G. E. Warren “Happyhshoe” (Albuquerque, NM, USA) – See all my reviews
 This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

Ok, I admit it. Once I realized (after an email from Bill Vogel representing the company), that there was an opaque cover which needed to be removed, I soon found myself taking my foot out of my mouth. Nice reflectivity, and I always liked everything else about the product. So, with a little help from my friends, I can now recommend this product.

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5.0 out of 5 stars It works! Be cognizant of the size, though…., November 2, 2011
 This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

Had I seen this in the store, I would NOT have shelled out $10 for it. The size is listed on the page, but either I didn’t see the size before I ordered or the dimensions didn’t register when I read them. I would have preferred something a tad bit larger, although I obviously don’t need a medicine cabinet-sized mirror in the shower just to shave.

However, the mirror works and it works just fine. Hitting it with some water for a couple seconds took care of any “fog” that appeared during my first use. I didn’t mount the hook yet and don’t know if I will. It’s leaning on a ledge in the shower which seems to work fine as I held the mirror in my hand while I shaved. It is very lightweight due to it being a very thin I was able to get the closest shave I can remember in years. This should not be specifically attributed to the mirror, though. It’s the first time I even SHAVED in the shower in God knows how long…

As an aside, the company sent an email directly to me with a few instructions. Now, I’m not a rube and can follow directions if they’re in/on the box. While I understand the principle of customer service behind an email, buying from Amazon and having the 3rd-party company shoot out an email with directions for use and an explanation of how fog works struck me as…well, odd.
5.0 out of 5 stars  This Mirror is Wonderous!February 23, 2012
By BobD – This review is from: The Shave Well Company a TRULY FOG FREE Shower Shave Mirror. Truly fogless by design. Will not fall off of the wall.

If Jesus Christ were alive today he would be this mirror!!! It’s clear as a bell and the little hookey thing to hang the mirror on is sufficiently sticky and works great! I’m glad I bought it and would buy it again.

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2 comments on “Reviews

  1. I am blown away by the Customer Service, I read a review on Amazon and a client felt that the mirror was no good. Well it seems he was using it wrong and the owner of the shave mirror explained what he must have been doing wrong. After that a super happy client. My hats off to you!
    P.S: I would love to make that mirror available at my Shaving Store! Congrats on a great product.
    Kind Regards,
    Phil & Jane
    The Classic Edge Shaving Store

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