Are You Making the Most Out of Your Work Day?

Here are 22 ways to make your work day better. Number 12 is my favorite! Gotta love BuzzFeed.


22 Ingenious Products That Will Make Your Workday So Much Better



Legs as Soft as a Babies Bottom

It’s that time of the week again. Yup, it’s time to put aside an extra seven minutes of the day so you can shave those legs. So what makes a nice smooth shave? I think it typically requires 3 products. The first is obviously a razor, second’s shaving cream, and then lotion to finish em off.

The other day I was at my girlfriends house and I asked her what the baby oil in her shower was for. Could you guess? She uses it to shave her legs with!
I decided to give it a go, and my legs were SO smooth after. I didn’t even have to put lotion on! Not only were they smooth as silk, but they looked really nice too. They were shiny and glowing. So, I figured I’d switch to baby oil! It’s cheaper than buying shaving cream and lotions, plus you’ll have the sexiest legs out there!

Hump Day or Wine Wednesday?

We’ve made it! Yup, it’s half way through the regular work week. (I hope all of you are off on Friday!!) Wednesday is actually one of my favorite days. First things first, I see more camels than I get to see on any other day. Who can’t help but smile when they see those funny looking animals? The camel is a friendly reminder that Friday is that much closer!

Okay, so the BEST part about Wednesday has got to be the concept of “Wine Wednesday.” Society has given us the okay to justify getting completely wine drunk on this day of the week, which sort of makes any cocktail of choice justifiable as well. Yes, it’s the middle of the week, and we’re typically not supposed to be having this much fun with work creeping up the next morning…but shame on you if you are getting routinely plastered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday is a nice little taste of the weekend to help push us through those last two days. And hey, even if you feel crumby as you drive to work Thursday morning, you’ll have a grin creeping up on your face while you think about your awesome Wednesday night.

If you don’t already, give Wine Wednesday a try, and you will REALLY look forward to hump day!!

Cabin Fever No More


Personally, I’m pretty susceptible to catching a bad case of cabin fever when my calendar’s open. On the days I’m not at work, it brings me extreme discomfort to miss out on the possibilities of a long summer day. I was talking to my friends about this and we made a decision to plan one adventure per week. This meant that we needed to plan five adventures. (one of us is moving in five weeks, so we’re on his time)

We embarked on our first adventure on Saturday; we went white water rafting. We reserved a spot that morning, loaded up two cars, and headed over to Ocoee Adventure Center. Yes, it was a blast. We screamed when went flying into air from the surf, and we laughed harder than we screamed when one of us went over board (it wasn’t me…okay maybe it was). Even though we were terrified every time we approached a level 4 rapid, we craved more.

Our well spent 35 dollars to go rafting inspired us to make one of the remaining adventures another rafting trip, but our next trip will be an upper. (the lower is less intense) I suggested that we go to the rock quarry for adventure number two, but I was told that the rock quarry doesn’t count because we had gone there the week prior. So, what qualifies as an “adventure?” An adventure is something that is out of the ordinary, something that you wouldn’t normally do, something that pulls at your nerves. So here is our bucket list for the next five weeks:

week 1: White water rafting (lower)

week 2: Tubing

week 3: Hiking/camping out

week 4: Zip lining

week 5: White water rafting (upper)

Psychology suggests that when we take on a nerve-racking feat, whether it’s skydiving or zip lining, the shared experience promotes positive relationships. It makes sense. The adrenalin we encounter when we’re doing something outside of our comfort zone is more exciting when we’re with a loved one or a good buddy. Plus, the accomplishment you feel afterwards is that much sweeter to share. Who knows, you may be telling the story of your white water rafting journey for years.

Whether or not your an adventure seeking risk taker, go do something out of the routine. Go camping, go horseback riding, go rock climbing, go kayaking, go do something!

Makeup Mayhem! (For you ladies!)



Everyone knows the feeling of battling your eyelids to stay open after a late night out. Nothing feels quite like collapsing into bed and falling into a deep, much needed sleep. I know I’ve done this a time or two, and taking off my makeup is the last thing on my mind!

I’m usually pretty stringent about cleaning my face and washing off my makeup before bed. I may have some eyeliner residue around my eyes, but I never put too much thought into it. But my nightly routines change when the weekend comes around. If I’m tired enough, the makeup isn’t coming off until the morning.

This article from the Huffington post does a great job laying out the dangers of sleeping with makeup on.


Here are some things that stuck with me :

  • Sleeping with makeup on clogs pores leading to acne
  • Makeup holds on to free radicals in the environment which can cause wrinkles
  • The stress you go through each day can lead to premature aging if you sleep in your makeup
  • Sleeping with mascara or eyeliner can cause irritation of the eye and may cause inflammation


For now, my goal is to remove all of my makeup before bed (at least on the weekdays). The Shave Well mirror is awesome for makeup removal while your in the shower and you and your other half can both use the fog free mirror! It’s great to have for more than just shaving well!





Trend Alert: Personalized Razors

Trend Alert: Personalized Razors

For the man or woman in your life that appreciates the small things or wants to be up-to-date on trending items, this is the perfect gift. The company is seeking to provide a top razor and blade at a reasonable price. The razors are uniquely designed, with great craftsmanship. The average cost of men’s blades is right under $4, but by sending the blades directly to one’s door, the middlemen are cut out and your price is lowered to 2$! On top of the “awesomeness” of the blade and the razor, the company not only gives money back but also requires employes to volunteer 25 hours per year. This is a company I want to support.

The Solutions To Your Shaving Woes

While some facial hair can be sexy, most men these days opt not to grow a full beard, as the barbarian look isn’t exactly a girl-magnet. Unless you have the grooming habits of Tarzan, you inevitably have to shave several times a week. Shaving, however, comes with a few problems of its own; fortunately, most of these problems can be easily resolved. And here, to make shaving issues a thing of the past, is our guide to the most common facial hair problems and solutions.

Razor nicks and cuts
Small, seemingly insignificant lacerations or deep, ugly gashes that cause an outpouring of blood are the two types of injury you have probably experienced while wielding a razor. Dull razor blades are a common culprit of razor nicks, while applying too much pressure to a sharp blade can cause wounds of a more serious kind.

Solution: Sufficient lubrication, a high-quality razor and an antiseptic are your best friends when it comes to preventing razor-related catastrophes and for treating them when they occur.

Directions: First off, junk any cheap, disposable razors you may have lying around and invest in one with a swivel head designed to accommodate the contours of your face, and replace the blades often. A good rule of thumb is to use a new razor head once every eight shaves. Also, you can decrease your chances of having a shaving-related accident by selecting a shaving tool whose blades are spaced close together to reduce the amount of pressure you’re putting on your skin.

Before shaving, spend two to three minutes in a steamy environment, like the shower, making sure your skin is very wet and has time to absorb a lot of moisture. Then lubricate using a rich shaving cream to protect your skin and to make it easier for your razor to glide over the surface of your face. Be sure to rinse your razor after each stroke.

For those times when a bloody slip-up occurs, keep an antiseptic on hand and dab with a cotton swab or apply an ice cube, as the cold will constrict your blood vessels and help stop the bleeding. Once your cut has healed slightly, use an aftershave that has a mild antiseptic in it and continue using the cotton swab to dab the damaged area.

Skin irritation/dryness
Skin irritation and dryness are problems brought on by multiple causes. Harsh chemicals can cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin. As well, improper shaving techniques can result in irritation. On darker skin, irritation can take the form of hyper pigmentation. Chaffing and itchiness are two symptoms that indicate you may be suffering from dry skin or another irritation.

Solution: Although razor burn usually clears up on its own within a few hours, there are precautionary steps you can take to avoid experiencing this unpleasant condition to begin with, including using the right products, the right razors and the right shaving techniques, and following everything up with a moisturizer.

Directions: If you know or suspect you have sensitive skin, only buy products specifically formulated for your skin type. A razor that has a built-in aloe strip and includes other ingredients such as vitamin E is a good choice. Avoid shaving with products containing sodium lauryl sulfate, a compound found in most soap that seriously dries skin. Instead, look for emollient-rich shaving creams or ones that contain aloe vera as they’ll soothe your skin before, during and after shaving. When it comes to your technique, shave in the direction of hair growth first, only shaving in the opposite direction if your first round of shaving leaves any stray hairs behind. Don’t give in to the temptation to shave too closely and never, ever dry shave or shave roughly when you’re in a hurry. Lastly, use a moisturizer when your finished shaving if you have dry skin, looking for products that contain vitamins and shea butter.

Ingrown hairs
When a hair grows sideways into the skin, instead of breaking through the surface, you’ve got an ingrown hair on your hands (or more precisely, on your face). There are numerous causes for ingrown hairs. For instance, you may be more prone to getting ingrown hairs if you have coarse facial hair, if your skin lacks moisture or if your face is very oily. A buildup of dead skin cells can also block pores and increase your chances of having ingrown hairs. Improper shaving techniques can also lead to ingrown hairs and are, in fact, the most common cause of this condition.

Solution: Exfoliation, pore-opening tricks and proper shaving tools can all go a long way in preventing ingrown hairs or eliminating them should they appear.

Directions: Approximately once a week place a warm, damp facecloth over your face to open your pores, which will make it easier to coax out stubborn hairs. Then use a loofah along with a gentle facial scrub to slough off the dead skin on your face which would otherwise be blocking your hair follicles. Avoid using a loofah more frequently than this recommendation, however, as you don’t want to dry out your skin, doing so will actually increase your chances of suffering from ingrown hairs.

Following these treatments, tweezers can help bring ingrown hairs to the surface, but resist the urge to pluck them out because they’ll likely reappear and be worse than before. Lastly, keep in mind that putting a lot of pressure on your razor while shaving will mean you end up clipping your hair too close to your skin, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be seeing ingrown hairs.

Razor bumps
Similar to yet slightly different than ingrown hairs, razor bumps happen when hair curls, then grows back into the skin, causing inflammation and, possibly, infection. This problem is more common in men of African or Mediterranean descent or men with very thick, curly hair. On the skin, razor bumps may resemble pimples.

Solution: You’ll want to sort this problem out straight away because it can lead to scarring if you don’t bother treating it; see a dermatologist if this pesky problem is currently plaguing you. To prevent this problem from happening in the future, alter your shaving technique or consider growing some facial hair.

Directions: If you love a clean-shaven look or your workplace requires it, switch to a single blade razor, shave with a light hand and try not to shave every day. What you’re trying to avoid is shaving too closely because doing so will make it more difficult for your facial hairs to exit their follicles correctly. Have a browse through our facial hair style suggestions and see if you can get away with sporting a small but well-groomed beard. Once you’ve managed to get your facial hair to a length you like, you’ll just need to trim it to maintain your look, meaning you won’t have to shave as often or at the very least, you’ll be shaving a much smaller area.

Face your problems
While women love well-groomed men, shaving can result in some not-so-pretty consequences. Hopefully by now you’ve identified any problems you suffer from and have armed yourself with knowledge that will assist you in both preventing and curing a number of common aggravations. Use proper shaving tools, the right techniques, pay attention to your skin type, and be mindful of any strange symptoms, and you’ll be one step closer to skin that feels fresh and comfortable all the time.

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