Featured In

Shower Mirrors for Shaving: My Favorite Two Mirrors

“This video is a short review about two shower mirrors for shaving: the InterDesign “Fog Away”…”

Make Her Up

‎”Top Three Reasons Men Should Shave in the Shower”


Top Three Reasons Men (and Women) Should Shave in the Shower – Fashion Forum – StyleBistro


Link: http://linkee.com/FkjU

The Shave Well fog-free Shower Mirror | Splash Magazines | Los Angeles


Link: http://linkee.com/NSRT

Craig the Barber gives the Shave Well Shower mirror a try, and makes it January’s product of the month.

San Diego Channel 6: In the Morning

“Luxe List representative Merilee Kern has some inexpensive self-care product ideas to make you feel good about yourself.”

Video Link: http://www.sandiego6.com/news/sd6-in-the-morning/Self-Innovations-Under-50-140733973.html

Always New You: Exfoliate for Glowing, Health Skin

“Exfoliating your face is the best way to reduce the effects of aging because it actually removes dead skin and promotes new cell turnover, fine lines will be less visible and your complexion will glow. After 2-3 minutes in the shower, where the warm moist air really softens your skin and opens your pores, exfoliating becomes most effective and causes less irritation. The benefits of exfoliating in the shower are far greater for this essential beauty treatment.”

Link: http://www.hormones-beauty-health.com/skin-care/exfoliate-for-glowing-healthy-skin/

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