Hump Day or Wine Wednesday?

We’ve made it! Yup, it’s half way through the regular work week. (I hope all of you are off on Friday!!) Wednesday is actually one of my favorite days. First things first, I see more camels than I get to see on any other day. Who can’t help but smile when they see those funny looking animals? The camel is a friendly reminder that Friday is that much closer!

Okay, so the BEST part about Wednesday has got to be the concept of “Wine Wednesday.” Society has given us the okay to justify getting completely wine drunk on this day of the week, which sort of makes any cocktail of choice justifiable as well. Yes, it’s the middle of the week, and we’re typically not supposed to be having this much fun with work creeping up the next morning…but shame on you if you are getting routinely plastered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday is a nice little taste of the weekend to help push us through those last two days. And hey, even if you feel crumby as you drive to work Thursday morning, you’ll have a grin creeping up on your face while you think about your awesome Wednesday night.

If you don’t already, give Wine Wednesday a try, and you will REALLY look forward to hump day!!

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