Cabin Fever No More


Personally, I’m pretty susceptible to catching a bad case of cabin fever when my calendar’s open. On the days I’m not at work, it brings me extreme discomfort to miss out on the possibilities of a long summer day. I was talking to my friends about this and we made a decision to plan one adventure per week. This meant that we needed to plan five adventures. (one of us is moving in five weeks, so we’re on his time)

We embarked on our first adventure on Saturday; we went white water rafting. We reserved a spot that morning, loaded up two cars, and headed over to Ocoee Adventure Center. Yes, it was a blast. We screamed when went flying into air from the surf, and we laughed harder than we screamed when one of us went over board (it wasn’t me…okay maybe it was). Even though we were terrified every time we approached a level 4 rapid, we craved more.

Our well spent 35 dollars to go rafting inspired us to make one of the remaining adventures another rafting trip, but our next trip will be an upper. (the lower is less intense) I suggested that we go to the rock quarry for adventure number two, but I was told that the rock quarry doesn’t count because we had gone there the week prior. So, what qualifies as an “adventure?” An adventure is something that is out of the ordinary, something that you wouldn’t normally do, something that pulls at your nerves. So here is our bucket list for the next five weeks:

week 1: White water rafting (lower)

week 2: Tubing

week 3: Hiking/camping out

week 4: Zip lining

week 5: White water rafting (upper)

Psychology suggests that when we take on a nerve-racking feat, whether it’s skydiving or zip lining, the shared experience promotes positive relationships. It makes sense. The adrenalin we encounter when we’re doing something outside of our comfort zone is more exciting when we’re with a loved one or a good buddy. Plus, the accomplishment you feel afterwards is that much sweeter to share. Who knows, you may be telling the story of your white water rafting journey for years.

Whether or not your an adventure seeking risk taker, go do something out of the routine. Go camping, go horseback riding, go rock climbing, go kayaking, go do something!

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