Makeup Mayhem! (For you ladies!)



Everyone knows the feeling of battling your eyelids to stay open after a late night out. Nothing feels quite like collapsing into bed and falling into a deep, much needed sleep. I know I’ve done this a time or two, and taking off my makeup is the last thing on my mind!

I’m usually pretty stringent about cleaning my face and washing off my makeup before bed. I may have some eyeliner residue around my eyes, but I never put too much thought into it. But my nightly routines change when the weekend comes around. If I’m tired enough, the makeup isn’t coming off until the morning.

This article from the Huffington post does a great job laying out the dangers of sleeping with makeup on.


Here are some things that stuck with me :

  • Sleeping with makeup on clogs pores leading to acne
  • Makeup holds on to free radicals in the environment which can cause wrinkles
  • The stress you go through each day can lead to premature aging if you sleep in your makeup
  • Sleeping with mascara or eyeliner can cause irritation of the eye and may cause inflammation


For now, my goal is to remove all of my makeup before bed (at least on the weekdays). The Shave Well mirror is awesome for makeup removal while your in the shower and you and your other half can both use the fog free mirror! It’s great to have for more than just shaving well!




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