More women adding shaving to their face care routine

by  – KDVR FOX 31 Denver

BOULDER, Colo. — It is a growing trend for women wanting fresher, smoother skin.  They are taking a tip from the men and shaving their face.

Bridget Windsor of Boulder has been shaving her face for over a year.

“This is something that you can do yourself and you don’t have to pay someone to do it, and it’s just natural and you’re just getting rid of dead cells,” Bridget said.

She started shaving to get rid of excess hair on her face, but she quickly realized shaving also make her skin feel good.  “It’s really soft and it feels plump instead of dry,” she said.

Beauty expert Michael Moore says women can try this instead of relying on derma-planing, an expensive medical treatment.

“What happens when you shave your own face, you’re actually getting the skin to exfoliate, which is then getting the skin to produce more collagen in the surface of your skin,” he said.

So what about those myths that shaving makes the hair come in thicker and darker?  Bridget and Michael say that’s not true.

Bridget is pleased with her results and says she’s never even cut herself.


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