Is Carrie Underwood Going To Stop Shaving During The NHL Playoffs?

From WQYK 99.5

We all know that Carrie Underwood is very supportive of her husband, Mike Fisher. But she is actually not looking forward to a tradition that comes along with NHL players during playoff times. She is dreading the playoff beard. It is a tradition ranging back to the 80s, that involves the players not shaving until their team is knocked out of the playoffs or wins the Stanley Cup, and it looks like Carrie might be taking part in the tradition.

Carrie told People Magazine that she is “not looking forward to the playoff beard.” So before Mike started she told him that he needs to shave close because even though “he always looks good with a little stubble, but it’s probably going to get out of hand soon.“

And what is Carrie doing to get in on the tradition? “I’m going to stop shaving, too,” she said. “Just kidding!” With all her upcoming album promotion and fall tour, who knows what could happen.

Even though she might not be at every game, she still makes an it a priority to see her husband play. And when she can’t watch, she has “to listen listen to the games [on the radio], and that’s horrible. But I’ve…gotta cheer him on even if I’m just listening.
With playoffs and her new album, Blown Away being released on May 1st, Carrie is one busy lady. Find out more about her upcoming tour, here.

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