Rough times for Toyota workers

Posted by: 3AW Radio | 16 April, 2012 – 12:46 PM

DERRYN HINCH: I want to talk about shaving mirrors. It’s a strange way to start a program and a weird choice of subjects when you’ve got a beard.Toyota

But it is serious because of the unemployment rate and the growing number of redundancies being forced on long-time workers in a lot of industries. Especially in the car-making business and the spin-off companies despite the hundreds of millions of dollars being showered on Ford and General Motors by the Government in recent months.

Shaving mirrors. Increasingly, a lot of men are staring at them in the morning and wondering, if they’ll be shaving and getting dressed and going off to work in their old job for much longer. Look at Toyota. Look at the Herald Sun headline this morning: ‘Toyota workers give the sack today’.

Toyota bosses are sacking 350 workers today and tomorrow, with staff tapped on the shoulder individually.

For the past three months hundreds of those auto industry workers have looked in the shaving mirror and wondered if they’d get the tap on the shoulder and the pink slip today. It must have been an awful 13 weeks for them and their families.

Possibly no job, a mortgage still to service — and the news on Friday that the ANZ was increasing interest rates.

Some of these men, in their late forties and fifties, who have known no other job will have been looking into that mirror and thinking: ‘ If it’s me… what can I do?’

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One comment on “Rough times for Toyota workers

  1. This article comes from a radio news show out of Australia. But the article goes on to say: “There are many other men – and women’ – out there who are unemployed or, more indicatively, under-employed with only a few hours of casual work a week that camouflages the real unemployment figures in this [Australia] and in places like the United States.”

    Shave Well Shower Mirror I think it’s about time we get people shaving again.. What do you think?

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