Leg Shaving for Women: Tips and Techniques

Leg shaving for women: This article pinpoints and lists the best way to shave legs for a smooth, silky result without cuts
(From newsolio.com)

There is nothing like a fresh set of newly shaven legs! Heaven, really! Women work toward this goal for the majority of their lives, starting at puberty. Who does not want silky, smooth, soft legs? Not only are they less likely to become red, irritated and itchy, but smooth shaven legs feel nice against soft, cotton pajamas or walking against a warm summer beach breeze. Here are a few pointers to get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from shaving your legs!

To begin, you must have a “clean slate!” This means that it is best to begin shaving your legs once you have sloughed off any of the dead skin cells and dirt that may have accumulated on your legs throughout the day. To clean and exfoliate your legs before shaving, use warm water, a mild soap, body wash or a gentle exfoliating wash, and a loofah sponge, exfoliating gloves, or a cotton washcloth. Do not scrub too hard because you do not want to cause abrasions that may be further irritated during the shaving process. Using the warm water will help soften your legs and decrease the chances of nicking your skin during the shaving process.

The next step is actually shaving. In order to have the safest, most effective shave, you should always use a clean, sharp razor (preferably very new) with a lubricating strip built onto it. Next, you will need either a shaving cream or gel or a nice lathering body wash. When choosing a shaving cream or gel, do not be confused by the many types and varieties out there in the stores. You will have the same results using a men’s cream or gel as you would have using a women’s shaving cream or gel. And you can also attain excellent results using a moisturizing body wash that lathers well with water. Next, you need to wet your leg thoroughly and begin to lather up with body wash or shaving cream/gel. For best results, begin at the bottom and do a long stroke all the way up the leg and then rinse the razor with warm water. Then continue going around your leg in the same pattern, rinsing frequently to prevent clogs in the razor. You should try to shave against the hair growth. This will result in a closer shave.

The last step you will need to complete is moisturizing your legs. You may pick any kind of lotion or cream. For best results, pick a cream that is sensitive to your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to choose a lotion without fragrance or additives. Apply the lotion or cream liberally. Once the lotion is absorbed into your skin, you will not be able to resist touching the smooth skin. Reapply lotion/cream as needed throughout the day. By following these simple steps, you will also decrease the need to shave every day.

Soft shaved legs are a women’s (and man’s!) best friend! Use these simple and inexpensive techniques to nurture your legs and treat them with care!

Source: http://newsolio.com/leg-shaving-for-women-this-article-pinpoints-and-lists-the-best-way-to-shave-legs-for-a-smooth-silky-result-without-cuts,1746

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