Messy Messy Shaving Cream



Posted February 17, 2012 at 11:52 a.m.

Who doesn’t like to get messy? Well, I guess some of us don’t like it, but I would say that most of the kids out there are just trying to find ways to get you to do more laundry than you ever thought you would do in your life! I mean, my son can turn ANYTHING into a messy project.

Speaking of messy, shaving cream is messy. My father always shaved the old-fashioned way, which happens to also be the UNmessy way. He used the brush and the block of shaving cream. But, when I went to visit my grandfather, I remember him pretending to shave my face, and smearing shaving cream all over me. It was the highlight of our trips to see them, most likely because it was the messy part.

We were reading a book the other day about polar bears (keep reading… I promise shaving cream and polar bears will connect somehow) and I was thinking about all the art projects out there that had to do with snow. Cotton balls? Not messy enough. White paint? Messy, but not easy to clean. Shaving cream? YES! That was it. Shaving cream would be great because it looks like snow, is super fun to smoosh your fingers through, and is very easy to clean.

Thus began our adventures with shaving cream. First, we just sprayed it all over a tray I had. I let my son use his hands (and soon enough his elbows and shoulders) to “paint” all over the tray. I soon realized this was far from big enough, so we continued to smear it all over the linoleum (in the art room of course.) It was amazing for both of us! He was messy and happy as could be, and I was able to reminisce about the times with my grandpa.

I started doing some research online about shaving cream art. There is a lot to do. However, the best thing I found was the shaving cream paint:

Equal parts glue and shaving cream.
Mix together.
Add food coloring.
Paint on colored paper (make sure to paint on thick).

It creates a bubbly looking white paint that dries like foam, but you can also color it with food coloring. And it is super easy to make. We painted it on black paper, and the results were amazing. So, use this recipe and go and get messy!


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