This is a great story that will appeal to everyone. And if you enjoy the periodic escapes into your inter Wolf Man, then leave a comment telling us about your shaving vacations.
#63 Shaving breaks

When I first started shaving I had a brief honeymoon phase where I actually enjoyed it.

Yes, The Wolf Man walked into the bathroom and a few minutes later out popped a fifteen year old babyface wearing too much aftershave. It was about six months before I got tired of the whole deal. And ladies, I’m guessing you’re feeling the burn too since sliding a razor up and down your legs all the time sounds like even less fun.

Nowadays I’m running late before work wishing all my coworkers went in with two days of cheek fuzz. Other times I’m coming home on a Friday night and realizing I need to shave again before heading out, so it’s back to the bowl for me.

This is why I love taking Shaving Breaks.

They let us temporarily escape our civilized social norms and return to our beautifully hairy roots. And we both know they give us a nice mental break too. Got a scraggly weird beard growing on the beach? That means you’re officially relaxing. Rocking some hairy legs under the sweatpants? Just enjoying a cozy cabin weekend in the middle of winter.

Yes, sometimes it’s great to get away from it all, stop taking things too seriously, and smile and welcome back your inner Wolf Man. When you get the chance just relax and enjoy those little moments of being your hairy self.

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