Shaving: Helpful Tips Every Woman Should Know

Ladies, we know just how important shaving is to you, so when we came across this article on (the “Hair+Culture” experts) we knew we had to share it with you. Enjoy 🙂

Hair removal, whether we like it or not, is a staple in every woman’s life. There’s so many ways to remove hair, but after giving each a fair chance, most of us have found our favorite way.

Do you hate the bumps on your bikini line after getting waxed? Are you tired of your hair growing back the day after shaving? Are you sick of the pain involved with ridding your skin of pesky hairs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, be sure to follow these simple rules of hair removal–you’ll have smooth and supple skin in no time!

Rule #1: Exfoliating is the best thing you can do to defend your skin against ingrown hairs–no matter how you choose to remove it. If you already have one, exfoliate the area with a gentile scrub. To prevent them after shaving, use a daily lotion with alpha hydroxy acids to loosen dead skin and prevent hair from being trapped under your skin. If you tend to get them after waxing, apply a lotion to the desired area two days before and two days after your waxing appointment.

Do not, I repeat, do not, shave first thing in the morning. Yes, it saves you time, but it will not give you the smoothest shave. When you sleep, legs tend to swell (which hides a portion of the hairs). Bottom line: If you want a closer shave, do it in the evening.

Shaving in a bath is a no no. Soaking in warm water makes legs swell up as well. If you MUST shave in the bathtub, do it the moment you get in. Waiting longer than ten minutes to shave will make legs more spiky than smooth.

Change your blade. So many people use the same razor over and over. To get a clean shave, you need a new blade. Shave once with it, then throw it away; regularly replacing your blade will also prevent those pesky red bumps you get a day after shaving.

Shaving cream should never be put on the back-burner. First off, it will help prevent irritation from your razor blade, and even better–it will help get rid of more than an extra half millimeter of hair. Apply it against the hair growth to make hairs stand up straight, ensuring you get the closest shave.

If you’re taking Accutane or Retinols, stop using them the week before a waxing appointment. They can make skin fragile, and wax could literally take off layers of skin along with your hair.

Make sure that when you do wax, you wait four weeks in between sessions so the wax has enough hair to grab onto. If fine, hair should be a quarter inch long, and if thick, it should be half an inch long.

When you’re waxing, your period is something to keep in mind if you’re the least bit concerned about pain. Hormonal shifts and extra blood flow make everyone uncomfortable right before, during, and after a period. Wax mid-cycle, right around the time you’re ovulating.”

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