Shave Well Receives Review by Top 50 Reviewer

This is the review from Ali Julia, a top 50 reviewer. As you can see she gave Shave Well 5 stars! We are both thrilled and surprised to have had her try our product. But after reading, we better understand how woman, not just men, get great use out of the Shave Well Shower Mirror. Here is what Ali Julia had to say:
5.0 out of 5 stars It works! Not just for shaving!
January 22, 2012

The Shave Well mirror really works! I color my hair and when I return from the hair dresser I need to remove the color stain around my hair line. The easiest way to do it is in the hot shower. Before this little handy mirror I would just scrub blindly, now I can see where the scrubbing is needed so the job gets done much faster.

I am attaching a collage of 4 photos under customer images that I will be referencing in this review.

1. Photo #1: The mirror comes with a hook that you attached to the shower wall with a double sticky tape. I have a single piece shower stall to which it adhered very well. I have had the mirror in the shower for a week and it still solidly on. The mirror is very light so it does not put a lot of stress on the hook. I find the hook to be a more reliable mechanism than a suction cup, as those occasionally do come off. And I like that I can take the mirror off very easily.
2. Photo #2: The mirror comes with a protective film over the glass. The film is white and you cannot see through it. Once you remove it the mirror is very clear and the reflection is high quality.
The mirror is sized 6″ by 4″ and the glass has no magnification.
3. Photo #3: The mirror is very light, it weighs only 1.7 ounces
4. Photo #4: The back of the mirror is covered with thin thermal coating.

Fog forms on mirrors because of condensation. The water in shower is warmer than the air in the house, it warms the air in the bathroom and condensates on any cool surfaces such as mirrors. If you hold this thin mirror under water for 10 seconds to warm it up condensation does not form on the glass until the mirror cools off. I measured that it stayed fog free for about 13 minutes, then a quick dip into the hot shower and it was fog free again.

The best place to position the mirror is away from drafts that will quicken its cooling, and away from direct shower spray to minimize water spots.

Overall I am very pleased with the mirror and recommend it.

Link to full review:

By The Shave Well Company truly fog free shower shave mirror

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