Review from a Jolly Blogger

The Jolly Blogger gives us a female perspective on the Shave Well Shower Mirror. And it turns out that women are just as thrilled with the mirror as men.

This is what Roxanna from The Jolly Blogger had to say about the Shave Well Shower Mirror:

“How many times have you wished you had a fogless mirror in the shower or shortly thereafter? I find that the only way I can minimize my pores and keepthe blackheads at bay is to use a blackhead/whitehead skin extraction tool. The steamy shower is the perfect place to do that, except I can’t see what I’m doing, so I’m stuck with the inconvenience of wiping foggy mirrors with a towel. Well, that USED to be a problem. Not anymore.

I found it convenient for shaving the underarms. If you like to watch yourself while you wash your face, brush your teeth, or shampoo your hair (or wished you could while in the shower), this does the job!

For men, this product offers the ability to shave by cutting rather than tugging. I’m sure the fiance will appreciate that the next time he randomly shaves his head.

To mount it, you just stick it to the surface with the adhesive hook they provide you (no annoying suction cups), which can be easily removed. It’s also small enough (4″x6″) to travel with if you so chose.”

To see the full review, click the link below:

By The Shave Well Company truly fog free shower shave mirror

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