~ Upset Christmas Stockings Demand Worthy Gifts ~

Throughout the households of this great nation, men’s Christmas stockings everywhere are crying out for love. Upset at being relegated as holiday receptacles for generic headphones, ill‐fitting boxer briefs, boring travel coffee mugs, and even the occasional lump of coal, this year, men’s Christmas stockings are demanding respect.

In an effort to regain some bit of holiday pride, men’s Christmas stockings are turning to an innovative new product guaranteed to fill their gift-holding furry fabric with joy. The Shave Well Shower Mirror ranked #1 on the stockings’ coveted list of Best Gifts To Give Men This Holiday Season.

The stockings ranked the Shave Well Shower mirror highly for several reasons.  With so many products on the market this holiday season, the Shave Well shower mirror offers an affordable alternative designed specifically to be fog free. Simply run the mirror under the shower for a couple seconds and rehang on the removable hook. Voila! A truly fog‐free shave option! And, he can even start admiring his new sleek look before reaching for his towel.

Shaving in the shower is also better for a man’s skin by allowing pores to open and hair to expand and soften. When hair is hot and wet, its strength is reduced by over 70% ‐ a razor’s edge can then cut hair follicles closer to the skin’s surface without leaving irritating razor burn or cuts. It’s not only a closer shave, but also less irritating and moisturizing!

The Shave Well mirror is a perfect gift for every man who shaves, and the sleek package design will fit into even the most Grinch‐sized Christmas stockings. This holiday season, show your Christmas stockings, and the men too, some love – by topping them off with the gift they really need, The Shave Well Shower Mirror.

The Shave Well Shower Mirror is sold on Amazon.com

Visit www.theshavewellcompany.com for more info.
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By The Shave Well Company truly fog free shower shave mirror

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